About Allison

Photo credit: Inna Shnayder

Photo credit: Inna Shnayder

Using Ancient Yogic Technologies, Somatic Movement, and Breathwork to shape each session with care and consideration, Allison motivates the practitioner to to experience the depths of their intended journey toward personal center. A master facilitator with over a decade of teaching Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, mindful movement, Allison’s unique teachings weave sacred geometry, energetic awareness and healing abilities to help access and connect the individual and group to experience the expanded self.


It is Allison’s intention to bring you classes and teachings that serve to purify as we allow and access the opportunity to tune into creative wisdom and divine love. She believes that innate nourishment is our greatest desire and that the ability to take care of ourselves - and be supported in doing so - is liberating.

Her journey has brought lessons and teachings of beauty and harmony as well as growing pains and challenges.  She offers the many modalities she brings together as expressions of the wisdom and expertise gained through many years of experience and gratitude. They are offered with the highest intentions of well being and happiness.

She is a mother to two sons and a daughter, and lives with her husband.

The Sacred Space was created by Allison Hutchins in 2007 in a small room in the Old Chocolate Factory, Red Hook, NY where she offered classes and workshops, partnering with fellow teachers to create a unique offering in the Hudson Valley. Its first vision was primarily focused on dynamic practices of Yoga, with an emphasis on Kundalini Yoga and as it grew, included a wellness and healing cooperative. In 2012 after outgrowing the original spaces, The Sacred Space joined Metta Chiropractic & Holistic Health Care in a partnership that grew into its current incarnation as the Center for Conscious Living.

“Alli is a force to be reckoned with, but in all the best ways.  She is a game changer.  She has a deep intuitive understanding of life and its rhythms.  She knows what someone needs and has the sensitivity to communicate in ways that people can hear.  I stumbled in to her kundalini class 5 years ago knowing nothing about kundalini and instantly I was hooked.  I rarely miss a workshop that she leads because I know I will get just what I need.  When she speaks, I listen.” 

-Kate Crow, Transformational Life Coach