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Rebirth Spring 2019
Sacred Sessions

MAY 7th, 2019
Cost: $35

Through breathwork, somatic moment, yogic technologies, open yourself to the vastness of your wholeness. These powerful sessions are open to everyone. Experience these Sacred Rebirthing journeys, specifically calibrated for the circumstances of this time as given by Yogi Bhajan. Experience yourself anew.

Contact us to register by phone (845) 758-5507 or online.


Return of the Queen
The Dutchess, Rhinebeck, NY

May 10-12, 2019*
Waitlist only

Return of the Queen is an intersection of wisdom traditions, embodiment practices, intuition honing and a belief in the power and potential of women. Allison will be leading a Kundalini-inspired Cosmic Mother class.

*Allison’s class will take place on Friday May 10th, 4:30-6.



Merge to Emerge
Laguna Beach • BC Spaca

APRIL 19, 6-8:30 pm

Using Yogic Technologies including ancient Kriya and modern Kundalini Yoga, Merge to Emerge is an invitation to release long held constraints, blockages and imprints in order to bring the expanded Self into harmony with the physical self.


Origination Vessel Series:
Women Awake
Private location, Las Vegas, NV

March 9-10


“The greatest teacher of the many I’ve experienced in my 48 years of practice. Alli is intuitive and life changing, a bright light. She is able to read the collective consciousness of the group and teach what is needed for that time and moment.  She has a deep understanding of many ancient tools and passes them forward wrapped in eloquence.”



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